Frequently Asked Questions
About Cannabidiol ( CBD )

What is CBD?

Click here for a detailed overview.

Will CBD get me high?

No.  CBD is non-psychoactive.

CBD oil vs Hemp oil – What’s the difference?

Hemp oil is the name given to any oil extracted from the hemp plant; CBD oil is an oil containing large amounts of cannabidiol, derived from the hemp or the cannabis plant. Although CBD oil is also hemp oil… not all hemp oil is CBD oil. Hemp oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant will not contain active CBD.

Are CBD Products Legal?

All the products featured on our website are 100% Legal!  CBD products became legal throughout the United States in December 2018. Source

How do I consume CBD?

We offer several options for you to choose from:

  1. Tincture
  2. Topical
  3. Edibles
  4. Capsules
  5. Patches

Can I travel via plane with CBD?

Yes, but please be aware that it might not go through customs. CBD oil isn’t legal in all countries just yet.  Please do your research before traveling outside of the US.

Will CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Our products have 0.3% or less of the THC compound within them. This makes it highly unlikely that our products will cause an individual to fail a drug test.  If you are concerned and want to be 100% sure no THC is in your system, we recommend trying our completely THC-free products.

Will CBD help my condition?

Due to federal regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not natural CBD hemp oil can help with specific ailments. We do however urge everyone to research the widely available information online. You can easily find many resources about CBD hemp oil and its possible benefits.

Are there any Side Effects?

*Disclaimer* We are not doctors and there are not enough clinical studies on CBD to provide a concrete answer.  The information below is purely anecdotal evidence. Anecdotally speaking, unwanted side effects are slim to none.  Some individuals have said taking larger doses of CBD made them more fatigued than normal. Other individuals (with oil sensitivities) have reported an upset stomach afterwards taking higher dosages. We recommend starting ‘low and slow’ and then move up when your body is ready.